>When I was sixteen

> When I was sixteen, I wanted to look as nice as all my friends from the school. Everybody does that because of their need to be “in” and be fashionable. At that time, the “in” thing was to meet people through the internet a trend that has extended until now. I decided to try and I thought as we usually think when we are this age: “If my friends can, I can too”.
I was surfing on the internet and met a guy who was called Alberto. Whenever I remember this time I can’t stop laughing.
Alberto is from the capital which is two hours by car from my city, so we started to chat, but only that, because of the distance. However, by coincidence, this guy had an uncle in my city so he decideded to visit me.
The funny thing is that Alberto always said good thinks about himself and of course the innocent Beatriz believed all that he said. He was studying to be a doctor, he had a beautiful new sports car and he looked like the perfect guy.
When he arrived, we went to a nightclub with all of my friends and there I was surprised this because guy didn’t dance and didn’t like anything. It was very boring and made me feel bored too.
The moral of the story was:
“You need to see to believe”

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Una respuesta a >When I was sixteen

  1. >jajajajaja when I was 16 casi nadie tenía internet!!! Mi Bea que éxito tu inglés y lo mejor de todo que puedes contar historias divertidas sin problema…eres lo máximo. Te adoro!Cocococa


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